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The Oldest Lisbon Agenda


Why the Portuguese Surprised the World

Chapter I

Globalization and World System

The world system according to Wallerstein • Kondratieff waves • Box – Schematic representation of a Kondratieff wave • The world system according to Modelski • The leading sectors and world powers • Box – The four K-Waves after onset of the Industrial Revolution • Box – Long cycles of world powers
 •  5 Concluding Remarks

Chapter II

Systems Building – A Learning Process

The Innovators • Box – Systems Building • The Difference between Technique and Technology • The Scientific Commitment during the Discoveries Process • The Learning Rate
 •  5 Concluding Remarks

Chapter III

Chronicle of The Rise and Fall of the Portuguese Globalization

The Legacy of The Chinese Navigations • The Fall of ‘La Serenissima Reppublica’ • A Grip on the Muslim Heart • In Vain the Search for ‘Prester John’ • The Papal Acknowledgement of Imperialism • Box – The Prince with the large black Burgundian hat • The ‘Machiavelli’ of the Discoveries Era • Box – The Spies of King Joγo II • The ‘Detour’ at 270 Leagues • Box – The Columbus Enigma • The World After 1488-1492 • The Strategist Disguised as ‘Grocer’ • The Debate over the Concept of Empire • The Marketing of the White Elephant and the Rhinoceros • Passing through Lisbon • The Beginning of the Strategic Withdrawal • What ‘Killed’ the Oriental Empire? • The Final Crusade • The Dual Iberian Monarchy
 •  5 Concluding Remarks

Chapter IV

The Portuguese as Systems Builders

The Technical-Scientific Environment in Phase I • The Technical-Scientific Environment of Phase II • Box – The Portuguese Long Cycle (LC5). The First Phase of the Discoveries •  Box – The Portuguese Long Cycle (LC5). The Second Phase of the Discoveries  • The Quantitative Analysis • Box – The Portuguese Expansion  • The Wave Mechanism
 •  5 Concluding Remarks

Chapter V

Detours of History

From Boom to Eclipse in Literature • The Effect on World Representation • The Impact on the Orient • Box – The Cantino Map (1502)  • The Geoeconomic Impact • Box – The Creators of the World Commerce  • The Discoveries Matrix • Box – The Discoveries Matrix
 •  5 Concluding Remarks

Chapter VI

Epilogue – Suggestions for the Future

Human Perception and the Ubiquity of Cycles • Does History Repeat Itself? • Five Theses • Box – The Namban Screens 
•  5 Concluding Remarks


History – Facts and Dates

Afonsine Dynasty (House of Burgundy) • Aviz Dynasty (House of Aviz) • Felipine Dynasty (Dual Iberian Monarchy – House of  Habsburgs)




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