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How did the Portuguese of the 15th and 16th centuries become the Pioneers of Globalization?

 How did the Navigators give “new worlds to the world,” as voiced by the great Portuguese poet Luís de Camões?

Who were the great strategists of the Discoveries, Prince Henrique, “the Navigator”, and King João II, “the Perfect Prince,” and what roles gave them their curious sobriquets?

Why did the Portuguese “innovate in the art of innovation”?

Why did the Spanish draw into their service the enigmatic Christopher Columbus and the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan and what did it mean for the Portuguese?

What killed the Portuguese cycle of leadership?

What was the secret of the Portuguese difference?



A 270-page time travel along the routes that led to the birth of Globalization, contributing robust evidence regarding the pioneering role of the Portuguese in this important chapter in the evolution of the world system. The Portuguese alone originated the maritime routes on a global scale and this feat will remain recorded in human history for the millennia to come




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